Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen in first Scary Movie 5 trailer - watch

Scary Movie is still churning out sequels, and the first trailer for the fifth installment in the film franchise has been released, starring Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

Film numero five spoofs Paranormal Activity (with nods to Black Swan and Inception, from the looks of things) and Ashley can be seen doing the whole 'getting hysterical while chatting on Skype/being dragged around by a ghostie' to perfection.

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scary movie 5 trailer

It's Li-Lo who steals the show though - when she and Charlie Sheen are attacked by an unseen force while in bed together (Erm, HELLO best couple EVER).

Watch the trailer below and see for yourselves - what do you reckon, excited for another Scary Movie - or think they should have stopped at four?

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