'Look at your f*cking eye': exclusive clip from new horror flick V/H/S - watch

Move over Paranormal Activity, because there's a new horror film in town - and it looks fricking TERRIFYING.

V/H/S tells the tale of a group of misfits hired to steal a video tape from a derelict house. Curious as to why the tape is so special, they sit down to watch it - and discover five different sets of footage, each documenting a story more horrifying than the last.

vhs exclusive clip

The flick was well recieved by critics when it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival this year, and is 'the brainchild of the hottest directors working in the genre today'. Also, the trailer made us wee ourselves a little bit.

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If you fancy a taster of what to expect, you're in luck - because we've got our hands on an exclusive clip from the film - in cinemas on January 18th - which sees a teenage girl getting more than she bargained for while walking in some woods. AGH.



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It's safe to say we won't be sleeping tonight. If you haven't completely lost control of your bladder yet, watch the trailer (rated 'R') below.

Will you be watching this one at the cinema?

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