Robert Pattinson gets all angry and sexy in exclusive Breaking Dawn part 2 clip

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While we're trying not to think about this Twilight installment being the last film in the franchise, collapsing on the floor and weeping about never getting the chance to see Renesmee grow old, the rest of the universe has been busy doing techy film stuff to Breaking Dawn Part Two for the DVD release.

robert pattinson edward cullen

As it's pretty hard to throw a party over the internet, we've come up with the next best thing, in the form of an exclusive clip from the film, featuring ol' Robbie P as Edward Cullen getting all worked up and angry about the impending clash with The Volturi.

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Perhaps more important than Edwardo getting stroppy with a bunch of vampires, though, is him getting mildly crushed by Bella as she gives him a WELL STRONG VAMPIRE CUDDLE.


The film's available on DVD from March 11th. See everything we've got on Breaking Dawn Part 2 HERE

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