Justin Bieber basketball movie will go into production next year, according to Mark Wahlberg

Hollywood movie star Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he’s planning to start working on a new movie next year, which will star none other than Mr Justin Bieber.

Whilst we appreciate classics such as The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption, our favourite types of films are ones that include famous popstars in some kind of compromising situation. So, shall we all go and get in the cinema queue now then?

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justin bieber

Le Biebs is to team up with Mark, who’s been in films like The Departed, Ted and The Italian Job, for a movie which will apparently have a basketball theme, after Mark was given the opportunity to pitch the idea during a recent meeting with a big-wig Hollywood studio.

He told chat show host Anderson Cooper, ‘We were at Paramount pitching a different movie and we had the meeting and I said, 'Hey, by the way what do you think about me and Justin Bieber in a 'Colour of Money'-type of basketball, street hustler movie?'

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Erm, we think it sounds good. Very good. Because it probably involves Justin Bieber in some kind of vest and shorts combo. Mark went on to reveal that ‘They bought it in the room in five seconds. So we developed the script, the studio loves it, Justin's camp loves it.’

justin bieber mark wahlberg

So now we’ve just got to wait a year or so for it to actually go into production, and then probably a bit longer until it hits the cinemas. Why tease us this way? Sigh. Mark explained that ‘He's touring and I'm doing 'Transformers', 'Ted 2' and another movie so we will probably do it next year. If I don't do it, we will do it with him and someone else and I'll produce it.’

But what will this future Oscar winner be about, we hear you cry. Well, Marky Mark's way ahead of you. ‘I'm the hustler and he's the kid I have to reluctantly mentor because he's a very good basketball player. We got the idea when we saw him playing basketball in a celebrity thing, and I play a lot of basketball, so we thought it would make for an interesting movie.’

Ahhh, a hustler and a miscreant youngster. Of course. A RECIPE FOR CINEMATIC GENIUS. We quite frankly, cannot wait.

Are you excited to see the new Justin Bieber movie?

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