Kristen Stewart wanted for confirmed Ashleigh and Pudsey movie

There’s not much we love more in this world than animals doing funny stuff, so when it was confirmed this week that Britains Got Talent winners, Ashleigh and Pudsey would be getting their own movie, we did a small celebratory dance. Sadly not with a dog.

ashleigh pudsey

Chatting to Digital Spy, Ashleigh revealed that she would love the one and only Kristen Stewart to play her in the film. ‘But she might have to be a bit happier... and like dogs’, she said.

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Well Kristen and Rob have a dog, and Bella was mates with Jacob who was a kind of dog. So that’s pretty much a confirmed casting then, definitely. Does this mean that K-Stew will be caught snogging Simon Cowell in a forest somewhere? Vom.

ashleigh pudsey

Filming for the movie will start in Spring with the backing of Simon Cowell’s music company Syco Entertainment, and Vertigo Films, which has previously worked with other Britains Got Talent veterans like Diversity and George Sampson.

We think it should probably be a rule that dogs are allowed into the cinema to watch this one.

Check out Ashleigh's full interview chatting about the movie here:

Do you reckon the Ashleigh and Pudsey movie will manage to bag K-Stew?

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