Katy Perry dresses as a man on The Ellen Show for a birthday special

To celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’ 55th birthday, Katy Perry made a very special appearance on our favourite chat show.

katy perry

Rather than dressing up in one of her usual crazy candy costumes involving lots of whipped cream and rubber (Oooh-errr), Katy donned some slightly more manly attire so that she could live out her lifetime aspiration of being a game show host.

We’d suggest that Bruce Forsyth keeps one eye open at night. There's this new bloke called Kevin Parry who's after your job, mate.

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katy perry

Kitty Puuuuuurry’s normally lush locks were swept up into a dark wig which she called ‘the Anne Hathaway’, and she sported a very fetching oversized tweed suit with massive lapels, a salmon cardi, lemon shirt and the BIGGEST BOW TIE EVER.

Oh, and she was also rocking some serious facial hair.

Katy stuck around for a while to host a special one off gameshow, Grab Ellen’s Bust. Awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN, WE LOVE YOU.

Here’s the full clip of her appearance:

Do you think Katy can pull of testosterone-chic? We’re hoping it’s not a regular addition to her wardrobe.

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