To celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’ 55th birthday, Katy Perry made a very special appearance on our favourite chat show.

katy perry

Rather than dressing up in one of her usual crazy candy costumes involving lots of whipped cream and rubber (Oooh-errr), Katy donned some slightly more manly attire so that she could live out her lifetime aspiration of being a game show host.

We’d suggest that Bruce Forsyth keeps one eye open at night. There's this new bloke called Kevin Parry who's after your job, mate.

katy perry

Kitty Puuuuuurry’s normally lush locks were swept up into a dark wig which she called ‘the Anne Hathaway’, and she sported a very fetching oversized tweed suit with massive lapels, a salmon cardi, lemon shirt and the BIGGEST BOW TIE EVER.

Oh, and she was also rocking some serious facial hair.

Katy stuck around for a while to host a special one off gameshow, Grab Ellen’s Bust. Awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN, WE LOVE YOU.

Here’s the full clip of her appearance:

Do you think Katy can pull of testosterone-chic? We’re hoping it’s not a regular addition to her wardrobe.

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