Speidi: 'Rylan Clark had been planning how to play Big Brother for ten years'

It's safe to say that Rylan Clark won't be invited round to the Pratt's any time soon - Heidi and Spencer have accused the X Factor star of playing one helluva game during his time on Celebrity Big Brother.

Speidi opened up about their time in the house in a recent interview with OK! magazine, and weren't exactly nice about ol' Ryebread.

"He was in it to win it," said Heidi. "He wanted to do the civilian Big Brother years ago - so he has been planning how to play this game for ten years."

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Hubby Spencer, meanwhile, added: "Rylan was so deep in the game he had fogotten he was playing a game. He played to the cameras so much he almost literally jumped into the camera."

Ouch. Rylan shouldn't worry too much though, he's not the only one Speidi have it in for. Speaking about their fellow contestants in general, Spencer said: "If weren't in the house, the show would have been a perfect cure for insomnia". Teehee.

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We doubt the duo's critisism will affect Ry too much - not only is he busy strutting his stuff on the X Factor tour, but he's also been tipped to replace Olly Murs on the Xtra Factor.

What do you make of all this?

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