Kristen Stewart shows off her vampire skills to Robert Pattinson behind the scenes at Breaking Dawn Part 2

Even if you haven't seen the final chapter to The Twlight Saga (yes, we're still mourning for the end and know you are too), we're sure you're aware that Kristen Stewart ends up turning into a pretty kick-ass vamp. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, K-Stew learns about one of her many awesome powers; the shield.

Bella has the ability to protect herself and other around her from mind control and other such vampy things.

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"As Bella comes into being a vampire she's expecting to read minds or see the future," says author of the Twilight books Stephenie Meyer. Well yes, we wouldn't mind those sorts of powers either, really.

"As time goes on and people who are more experienced with such things come in contact with her they realise she is what the vampire community calls a shield."

Later, as K-Stew tries out her awesome shield powers on the Cullen family, she manages to hurt poor R-Patz in the process. AWKS.

What do you think of Bella's amazing super awesome vamp powers?

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