Lena Dunham on creating Girls: 'I thought about calling it tampon city' - exclusive clip

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Unless you've been hiding under your bed as part of a marathon game of hide and seek for the last few months, you won't have been able to escape the hype surrounding 'Girls' - THE hit tv show everyone has been raving about.

They've been raving for a good reason. Written, directed and produced by Lena Dunham - who also stars as Hannah - the series is not only hilariously honest, but also features characters that could be REAL PEOPLE.

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lena dunham girls

They have crap boyfriends. They're always broke. They get into really awkward situations - and most importantly, don't waft through life in a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes and cloud of hairspray.

If you're now sinking into a pit of despair because you missed it on the telly - DON'T WORRY - because series one is out on DVD from February 4 and we've got our mitts on an exclusive clip to celebrate.

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lena dunham girls

Featuring Lena and the gals who play her three best pals (Shoshanna, Jessa and Marni) the clip sees Lena discussing how she came up with the title 'Girls' before revealing some... interesting alternatives.

Watch it, then watch the show. Never has the phrase 'you're missing out' been more true.


What do you reckon to all that - would you have tuned in to 'Tampon City'?

Girls Season 1 is available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and Download from 4th February. For all HBO downloads check out HBO on Blinkbox.

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