Michelle Keegan's tan causes drama on the set of Coronation Street

Michelle Keegan must be feeling a bit red (orange?) faced after her winter suntan left Coronation Street bosses with no option but to lighten her up a bit.

michelle keegan mark wright

It wasn't even new boyf Mark Wright's spraytan rubbing off on her face that was to blame this time and after jetting off to Dubai for some winter sun, Michelle came back looking a bit more bronzed than the production team reckoned her character would usually be after swanning about in rainy Weatherfield.

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"I didn't sunbathe because I'm supposed to be in the middle of a pregnancy," she told the Daily Star.

"So I was good and tried not to go as dark as I normally go. I put factor 30 sunscreen on."

But instead of admiring her holiday glow, the make up crew decided the only thing for it was to make her look a bit more pasty.

"They put a tinted moisturiser, two shades lighter than my real tone and white powder, onto my hands, neck and face," she added.

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michelle keegan mark wright

It's not the first time Michelle has had to do a bit of reverse tanning either, and she added: "I remember two years ago when Tina was depressed, I only went away for four days but I came back quite dark and make-up panicked.

"They sent an email asking if it could be written that Tina had been on a sun bed or got a fake tan."

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