Selena Gomez defends cheeky new film 'Spring Breakers': 'My fans will understand'

Whilst we are MEGA excited for the release of new teen flick Spring Breakers, the hotly anticipated film has apparently come under fire for being too flippin’ raunchy, with all its bikini clad young ladies and rasta James Francos.

But now that Selena Gomez is totes an independent woman *finger snap*, she’s defending the film, saying that fans always support her career choices.

Spring Breakers

Speaking about it to MTV News, Selena told them that “My fans that are my age, I went to Toronoto and we premiered it at the festival, and there were girls my age that were laughing at the parts they needed to laugh at; scared at the parts they needed to be scared at.”

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James Franco’s corn rows and gold teeth do indeed look very, very scary.

She went on being a feisty little sasspot to say “I feel like I didn’t give them enough credit because they understood what this film was. It’s an art piece and it’s real, it’s so raw.”

Woah, that’s like, totally deep babes. Four girls in bikinis stealing money to have a boozey spring break. So many layers and meanings, dude.

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Spring Breakers

She did add a little disclaimer though, just to stop any crazy parents suing her ass, we imagine. “I know that I have a younger following...I did warn them in my best ability. When I see the parents I’m like ‘Maybe your children don’t go and see this one’”.

Probably quite a good shout.

AGH it must be out soon, we’ve been waiting an actual million years. Are you excited for it?

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