So What's it all about then?

Charlie's always felt like an outsider, so when he starts high school he's determined to make friends. But after accidentally befriending the charming, loud-mouthed Patrick, he realises that being an outsider doesn't always mean being alone.

Life isn't all that simple though and after falling head over heels for Patrick's half sister, Sam, what follows is Charlie's attempt to navigate the minefield of sex, drugs and mix tapes, while coming to terms with a big and fairly horrific secret from his own past.

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Anyone good in it? Any extra special guest stars?

Logan Lerman rocks it and he's pretty hot stuff, plus there's also the hilarious Ezra Miller and a short-haired Emma Watson to keep you interested.

Bits we'll be watching again, and again... and again.

Anything with Ezra in - he is hands down the most perfect pick to play Patrick and will have you rolling about in your chair, especially his ability to drive their woodwork teacher insane with his truly crappy creations.

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Bits we might fastforward through:

To be honest, we were gripped from start to finish. You can't take your eyes of Logan as he's completely enchanting (yes, we went there) but if we were going to skip any of it, it'd probably be the weird bits with Sam and her old man boyfriend.

It's creepytown and you just want to shout at her to jump into Charlie's arms.

Actual 'ohmygod I nearly wet myself laughing' bits?

The bit where Charlie accidentally eats his weight in hash brownies is absolutely hilarious. Not only are Sam's efforts to make him a milkshake lovely, but he's completely adorable with his word vomit.

We also love the part where Charlie decides to get it on with Mary Elizabeth and she practically consumes his face in a big fat tongue sandwich while he looks absolutely terrified. It's a lolfest.

Face covering from fear bits?

There's a scary scene where Patrick gets beaten up that made us want to sob our hearts out and by the time we got to the bit with Charlie's sister falling out with her boyfriend and Patrick's stand off with his own love interest there were some serious tears involved.

Fast forward to the dramatic ending where Charlie finally confronts his own past and we were full on weeping. You have been warned.

Emma Watson in The Perks of being a Wallflower trailer

Notes from the fashion police:

No fashion crimes to speak of but we seriously enjoyed Logan all done up in his Rocky Horror hold ups and corset. Hilarious.

CRY-O-METER, what goes down?

As we may have mentioned once or twice, it's a right old sobfest - although it's darkly comic, the undertone of the story is some pretty serious stuff and will most probably have both you and you're pet labradoodle snotting down your sofa.

Snazzy DVD extras include:

All the standard DVD extras including director/author Stephen Chbosky chatting away over the film (why do DVDs always have that? Incidentally has anyone ever actually bothered watching them?). On top of that there's also some fun stuff including some awesome deleted scenes and a featurette about the best summer EVER.

Plus it's a DVD so you can fall into Logan's eyes as many times as your heart desires. What more could you want?

After watching this, on the manly-man scale of Louis Tomlinson to Sylvester Stallone we felt like.. Zac Efron

Charlie is like the best friend you want to tell all your secrets to combined with the boy next door whose face you want to lick, and as any girl knows, that's the human embodiment of the solid and sensitive Zefron.

Final verdict (OMG = amazing, LOL = funfest, MEH = would watch again if nothing was on, FML = never, ever again):

OMG - but don't forget the tissues/a fit boy's sleeve to wipe your tears on.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is out on DVD and Blu-ray on February 11 - will you be checking it out?

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