Chatting about the making of new zombie filled movie Warm Bodies, the dreamy Nicholas Hoult revealed that it wasn’t as demanding for him to play a brain-dead monster as you might expect, from a good looking intelligent guy like himself.

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas plays a zombie for the duration of the movie, so we’d expected him to chat about how annoying it was to not be able to express his inner most thoughts and feelings, to rely on jerky motions and to thump around with his gob open all the time. But no, apparently it comes naturally for guys. We could have guessed.

“We had a zombie coach for the film, and that was interesting. The scene when we’re in a bar is like a commentary of men in real life”, he told Cosmopolitan. Yep, we can totally see that. Endless moaning, grunting and looking like you’ve just been dug up. Standard for most the lads we know.

Nicholas Hoult

“Even when we’re grunting at each other, we’re actually having these conversations that guys have. Most of the time they really are that brief. It’s ‘How you doing?’, ‘Good.’, ‘Did you see the game?’ ‘Yeah it was alright’. And that’s pretty much it”, he added.

Ahh the inner workings of the male mind. Sounds like there isn’t actually that much to try and figure out then. Except for zombies we imagine it would be ‘Did you see the brain?’ OH COME ON THAT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD.

Are you looking forward to seeing Warm Bodies? Yep, us too.

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