One Direction, Jessie J & Miranda Hart star in new 'do something funny for money' Comic Relief advert

Want to do some fundraising for Comic Relief but don't know how? NO PROBLEM - because One Direction have teamed up with loads of celebs to get you all inspired in a brand new Red Nose Day advert.

Featuring the likes of Miranda Hart, Jessie J, Kate Moss and David Walliams the 'do something funny for money' ad is packed full of ideas on how to raise cash - whether it be by donning one of the official t-shirts or sticking on a red nose.

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jessie j something funny for money

Jessie J highlights just how extreme you can go, and is seen saying: "Me? I'm gonna shave my head. Whatevs, no biggie, totes amaze". Which we assume is her being all pretend blase about the fact she's going to be LEGIT BALD.

There's also a shot of the 1D lads in Africa, with Liam telling us: "We've recorded a song, and we're out here in Africa already."

one direction something funny for money

God they all look hot. As in sweaty, because of the temperature in Ghana. Obviously. *cough*

Watch the video below and get some inspiration for yourselves!

One Direction on Comic Relief Ghana trip: 'if you don't cry you're superhuman'

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 15th March 2013, for more information please visit

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