Speidi: 'We want Harry Styles and Taylor Swift to play us in film about our lives'

We'd like to thank Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for giving us a laugh this afternoon, after they revealed that they'd like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift to play them in a film about their lives.

The expression 'LOLZ' has never been more appropriate.

heidi montag spencer pratt

Speaking to OK! magazine about what the future holds for Speidi, the American duo admitted that they would love to see their story made into a movie, and broached the subject as to who should portray them on screen.

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“I really like Harry Styles - I think he would be perfect as the young Spencer,” said Heidi, before adding: "And Taylor Swift could play me, that would be perfect.

"I really hope they work things out, I think they could be like Speidi.”


On the plus side, if this did happen, it would involve Hazlan waving his massive crystal about while recreating Spencer's 'mystic' phase, which would be fun.

harry styles as spencer pratt

All this has us wondering what's next: Louis Tomlinson playing Katie Price? Or perhaps Liam Payne will take on the role of Peter Andre?

What do you think of Speidi's comments?

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