Drake Bell practices his diving for American series Celebrity Splash

If one good thing came out of the Olympics last year, it's that hot men in Speedos are now a fixture on actual prime time telly. WOO to the HOO. And after the success of diving-slash-perving show Splash! in the UK, it's off to America...with Drake Bell as a contestant. Yup, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

When The Tom Daley Sausage Show was renewed for a second series over here we thought life couldn't get much better, but it turns out we're gonna have even more boys in budgie smugglers to look at America's version Celebrity Splash.

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Look, here's Drakey practicing for the show...

drake bell splash

Very nice. Er, one prob though...too many clothes. Care to take some off, D-Dogg?

drake bell splash


Shall we watch the trailer for the UK version again to refresh our memories about what actually happens in the show and definitely not for perving purposes? OK LET'S.

Oh, Tommy *swoon*. Why is no one this fit ever at our local pool?

Who do you reckon looks better in their shexy swimwear...are you Team Drake or Team Tom? Let us know.

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