Here at Sugarscape HQ, we're pretty massive Friends fans - in fact, we often quote various lines at random throughout the day. (You ate, my sandwich? MY. SANDWICH?)

So, when we heard that Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox would be reuniting for an episode of Matt's new sitcom Go On, we were just a tad excited.

matthew perry cox

MONICA AND CHANDLER ARE BACK, PEOPLE. Ok not really, because Coxo will be playing a potential love interest to Matt's character Ryan King - a radio sports host trying to move on after his wife dies - but still.

We can put the telly on mute and pretend it's a new episode of Friends, right?

The ep is due to air in the US in April, and in the UK later this year - but it's not actually the first time Friends cast members have worked together since the hit sitcom ended nine years ago.

friends reunited

Courteney and David Schwimmer - who played on-screen siblings Monica and Ross Geller - both appeared in Lisa Kudrow’s comedy series Web Therapy (no, we've never heard of it either), while Pheobe Lisa and Jennifer Aniston have both had guest spots in Cougar Town, which stars Courteney. 

IT'S LIKE THEY'RE ALL REAL LIFE PALS AND THAT MAKES US HAPPY. Now let's all watch this montage of Monica and Chandler moments and remember the good times.

If One Direction were in Friends

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