FILM REVIEW: Beautiful Creatures with Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert and Emma Thompson

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So what’s it about then?

Sick of girls always being the damsel in distress? Yeah, us too, which is why Beautiful Creatures is the perfect twist to reignite our love for a supernatural love story.

Small-town boy Ethan Wate's life has always been on the average side. That is until Lena Duchannes move into the mysterious Ravenwood mansion to live with her uncle, the notorious hermit Macon. It's not long before strange things start happening, but while the town are more than happy to brand Lena the culprit, Ethan finds himself increasingly drawn to her.

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Obviously they fall in love - but romance isn't simply black or white when your dating a Caster, and with her strange family and murderous mother to contend with, can they make it through or will Lena's fast-approaching 16th birthday tear them apart for good?

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Anyone good in it?

Duh. Our witchy heroine is played by Alice Englert, who you might remember from Ginger and Rosa, and then there's hottie Alden Ehrenreich, who is set to take over the cinemas this year with appearances in about a million other movies including Woody Allen flick Blue Jasmine and with Nicole Kidman in Stoker.

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If that's not enough to get you all excited, there's hottie Thoman Mann as Ethan's BFF Link, Emma Thompson playing his frankly terrifying mother, Emmy Rossum as bad girl Ridley and Jeremy Irons as Lena's mysterious and equally magical uncle, Macon.

If it won any Oscars they would be for.. Shocking our pants off with a MASSIVE twist at the end.

Pretty sure that's an Oscar category right? Either way, the film has an awesome ending and even if you're one of the in-the-know types who've already read the book, don't go feeling smug as it's really not going to be what you're expecting...

But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor.

There's a lot of moaning. We get that they can't be together or the world is probably going to end and all that, but there's so much going backwards and forwards that we just wanted them to hurry up and just snog each other's faces off or get over it already.

By the end we just wanted to tell Lena to cheer up, put on a bit of mascara and go out for a milkshake instead of freaking out and causing electrical storms every five minutes.

Topless moments?

Unfortunately for us all it's not that kind of film. Alden doesn't take his top off once - we know because we squared off a whole section in our notebook to start a tally and we left with it completely blank.

Oh well, we'll have our fingers crossed for the sequel...

Actual ‘ohmygod I nearly wet myself laughing’ bits?

Both Ethan and best pal Link are a bundle of laughs and any time they get together you know it's going to be great. In fact Ethan is hilarious - fairly unintentionally - most of the way through, mainly because he is SUCH A BOY that you can't help tutting and chuckling over how thick he can be about girl stuff.

Face-covering from fear bits?

Mrs Lincoln (Emma Thompson) made us want to run home and hide behind the sofa. Everything she does is scary, especially when she turns up at Ethan's house with a fairly innocent looking plate of brownies. They may look tasty, but you can't help thinking they're going to be spiked with her vicious thoughts and posibly some iron filings for good measure.

Key cringes:

As a whole it was fairly cringe-free. We were too busy being swept off our feet and actually, we were pretty won over by all the mushy bits, especially the part where Lena makes it snow for Ethan.

Why doesn't our boyfriend ever do that for us? Jeez.

Notes from the fashion police:

It's fairly fashion faux pas free to be honest. Alice has an awesome, gothic inspired wardrobe that suits her character down to the ground and we were too busy staring at Alden's face and hoping he'd get his kit off to consider the cut of his jeans.

The Duchannes family as a whole do have some slightly questionable attire at points - Ridley, played by Emmy Rossum, gets off lightly, but all the aunts and cousins have some weird, Victorian clobber that's not the type of thing you often see up the supermarket.

beautiful creatures still

CRY-O-METER, what goes down? Is it an emotional fest of waterworks and you spent the whole time blubbing into a hanky and wiping snot on your mate’s shoulder?

As well as lots of snogging there's a lot of self-sacrifice and anguished glances so you'll probably end up feeling like you've been on an emotional rollercoaster when the time comes to pick the popcorn off your boobs and head home.

After watching this, on the manly-man scale of Louis Tomlinson – Sylvester Stallone we felt like... Jennifer Lawrence.

Yes, we are aware J-Law is a girl, but this one is all about girl power so we thought it only right we go with a proper arse kicking female.

It is a pretty lovey dovey one though, so it might be one for the BFF and not the boyf unless he's a sensitive, Zac Efron kinda guy.

Final verdict: (OMG = amazing, LOL = funfest, MEH = would maybe watch again if nothing at all was on, FML = never, ever again)

A definite LOL - we really liked it and if you're looking for something to fill the Twilight void, chances are you're going to love it.

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