Movie producer Harvey Weinstein: 'Jack Whitehall is the next big thing'

Jack Whitehall could be destined for movie stardom after bigwig producer Harvey Weinstein predicted that he will be 'the next big British thing'.

Yup, it seems Harvey is convinced Jack could follow in the footsteps of his former school pal Robert Pattinson and make it in Hollywood as a well famous actor.

Jack Whitehall

Harvey - who produced Shakespeare In Love, Gangs Of New York, The King’s Speech and Django Unchained among others - said of Jack: “He’s the next big British thing. I love Jack, he’s so funny. He’d be great in movies.”

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Are you blushing yet Jacky boy?

The pair actually met through James Corden, who got to know the The Miramax studios founder while he was filming 'One Chance', a movie based on the tale of Britian's Got Talent winner Paul Potts. 

A source told The Sun: “Harvey thought Jack was hilarious. He’s spent a lot of time in England over the years, so he gets our sense of humour. He reckons Jack has got the whole package - looks, wit and acting ability.

harvey weinstein jack whitehall

“There isn’t really anything like him over there at the moment. It’s great news for Jack - Harvey’s taste is impeccable.”

Yes, so impeccable that Meryl Streep actually calls him 'God'. Which is nice.

What do you reckon to all this then?

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