Jennifer Lawrence cast as lead in Ends of the Earth

Jennifer Lawrence has signed up for her latest film project - which will see her reunite with Silver Linings Playbook director David O Russell.

Well you know what they say - if it aint broke...

Jennifer Lawrence thinks she's a troll

J-Law has been cast as the lead in 'Ends of the Earth' - which is said to tell the true story of Ernest Marland, an oil tycoon who loses his empire after being caught shagging around.

Are you listening Kristen Stewart?

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Speaking about casting the Oscar nominated actress in the upcoming flick, producers Todd Black and Steve Tisch said in a statement: "Jennifer was basically asked to play 4 personalities [in Silver Linings Playbook]... and did them all brilliantly. After seeing that performance we knew we had our anchor for Ends Of The Earth.

"Her dedication to the craft and all those who work with her is inspiring and if she is the future of our business we are certainly in good hands."

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We love it when people call acting 'the craft'. Makes it sound likes there's a bunch of cackling witches involved or something.

According to Deadline, the screenplay for the film has been written by the same guy who penned Argo - which is also up for about a gazillion awards including a couple of Oscars - so basically, this is one to watch.

Are you excited at seeing Jen in another big screen role?

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