Toy Story 4 reports denied by Disney

Take off yer cowboy hat and stop shouting 'TO INFINITY AND BEYOND' at anything that moves - because Disney have denied that they are making Toy Story 4. BOO.

Yup, we - and millions of others worldwide - were sent in to a tizzy yesterday when rumours emerged that Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the gang could be returning for a fourth installment.

toy story 4 denied

In fact, it even led to an in-depth discussion in the Sugarscape office as to what the film would possibly be about, now that Andy's gone and shlepped off to college.

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HOWEVER that discussion was in vain, because Disney have announced that there are in fact no plans to bring our fave toys to life on the silver screen once more.

A representative for Walt Disney Pictures told BuzzFeed that 'nothing official' has been announced, and that the studio is currently investigating who leaked the rumours in the first place.

Then again, they could just be trying to throw us all of the scent. What do you think?

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