The biggest night in the movie calendar is kicking off in LA today, but with so many celebs set to hit the 2013 Oscars red carpet, we can't help thinking it's quite likely that there's gonna be some drama.

From the smize tattooed onto Kristen Stewart's face to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence potentially snogging each other's faces off, we've got high hopes for the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Check out what potentially, definitely, but probably won't happen below...

Bradley Cooper snogging Jennifer Lawrence and other things we'd like to happen at the 2013 Oscars - 85th Academy Awards

1. Jennifer Lawrence goes Hunger Games on the red carpet.

Currently filming Catching Fire and trying out the method acting approach, J-Law rips off her skirt to reveal sequin-encrusted gym knickers. Taking the auditorium like an assault course, she will vault chairs and probably Denzel Washington in a bid to beat Naomi Watts to the stage.

2. Kristen Stewart's smizing gets her into trouble.

Not smiling may finally come back to bite Kristen on the bottom. In fact, Tyra Banks has probably already planned to pop up from the stage, wrestle her to the floor and present her with a photo marking her permanent elimination from America's Next Top Model.

3. Hugh Jackman refuses to speak for the entire evening.

Instead he'll communicate via song - including using a few vocal runs to ask a cloakroom attendant for directions to the bogs as he leaves the stage. We're still not over his performance in Wolverine: The Musical. That was what that film was all about, right?

4. The Life of Pi tiger presents an award...

...But having had all night to make the most of the free bar, he has an accidental nip slip on stage and unwittingly causes an international scandal not seen since that time Anne Hathaway flashed her vajay.

Bradley Cooper snogging Jennifer Lawrence and other things we'd like to happen at the 2013 Oscars - 85th Academy Awards

5. Anne Hathaway announces that she's changing her name to Fantine.

Just to keep in character, Anne Hathaway arrives in her Les Mis style rags and upon receiving an award shaves off what's left of her hair live on stage. It's all in the name of charity though and she happily donates the cuttings to the Bald Actors Association, where it will be put to good use making a toupe for Bruce Willis.

6. Phillip Seymour Hoffman finally explains what the hell The Master was all about.

Because frankly we still have no idea.

7. The coverage basically just involves close ups of Adele.

If anything can gauge an audience reaction, it's going to be Adele's face. From ecstatic to unimpressed, her face says what we're all thinking - even if we are skightly disappointed that gobby photo from the Grammy's wasn't actually her having 'words' with Chris Brown after all.

8. Bradley Cooper and J-Law snog on stage.

Because if we can't be in on the tonguing, we'd like it to be her that gets the honour. And to watch it live on telly. If Nicholas Hoult would then like to jump on stage and have a sexy brawl/pout off with Bradley, we'd be just fine with that too.

Bradley Cooper snogging Jennifer Lawrence and other things we'd like to happen at the 2013 Oscars - 85th Academy Awards

You'll be able to watch all the action from the red carpet LIVE here on Sugarscape, so keep an eye out.

We're already excited at the potential for some tiger sideboob. But what do you want to see go down at tonight's big do?

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