Tulisa to be axed from The X Factor by Simon Cowell?

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She trained our X Factor faves Little Mix up to be perfect popstars, but now the rumour mill's in overdrive with whisperings that Simon Cowell might be axing Tulisa from the show's judging panel in a typically-dramatic show shake up.

Apparently big ITV bosses are after giving Tulisa and X Factor veteran Louis Walsh the boot in a bid to revive the show and boost ratings. Ouch.


According to The Mirror, a show insider has claimed Tulisa's become 'too distracted' with her personal life after turning up late to rehearsals. The sneaky source said “Simon has always liked to change things every year and Tulisa is going to pay the price for that.

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"She wasn’t as committed last year as when she won with Little Mix in 2011 and someone has to exit to freshen the series up.” Bloody hell. Si-Cow doesn't hold any prisoners, does he?

And with potential spaces at the infamous judges' table, there's only one character we wanna see *Louis voice* ON. THAT. PANEL.

Yup, spending so much time on the noggin of X Factor alumni Harry Styles means that The Orange Beanie is the PERF replacement for The Female Boss. All that pop knowledge soaked up from Hazza's brain's gotta count for something, right? Ooh, watch this space.

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What do you think? Anyone you'd like to see replace Tulisa? Let us know. In the meantime, let's watch Tulisa's Little Muffins play the Serious Lyrics Game. Huzzah.



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