The Guilt Trip exclusive clip: 'Mum that's like eating a poodle'

Let's face it - mums can be embarrassing. They call you nicknames in front of the boy you fancy, insist that you wear a scarf when the temperature drops below 15 degrees and think that Barry Manilow is the epitome of cool.

However, all that is nothing when it comes to eating half a cow in front of an audience. Yet that's exactly what happens in this exclusive clip from upcoming flick The Guilt Trip starring Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand.

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the guilt trip exclusive clip

The fllm tells the tale of Andy Brewster, who is about to set off on the road trip of a lifetime - only to be roped in to taking his mum along for the ride.

In this clip just for you lovely sugarscape readers, we see just one of the embarrassing yet hilarious incedents that follow - when Andy's mum attempts to eat a 50oz steak in order to win a free t-shirt.

Have a watch and see what happens...


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