Zac Efron is back and now that he's set to hit our screens in brand new film The Paperboy later on this month, you should probably check out the raunchy new trailer.

Nicole Kidman and zac efron in the paperboy

It's probably not Zefron as you've ever seen him before though and taking on a dark and sexy new role there's even a scene where Nicole Kidman wees on his face.

Seriously, we wish we were joking.

The filthy flick caused a fair bit of controversy when it first aired over in the US last year. But now it's our turn to make up our minds about the film, which tells the story of two brothers fighting to free a death row inmate, who they reckon could never have been involved in the crime he was imprisoned for.

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It also stars Macy Gray and Matthew McConaughey, but you really need to see the new trailer to get what we're on about...

The Paperboy is out on March 15th - will you be seeing it?

Comments please...

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