So what’s it all about then?

Essentially this a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. No, not Wicked – a different prequel, one that tells the story of how a small time magician from Kansas came to be the famous wizard that Dorothy sets off to see so many years later.

Oz the great and powerful

Anyone good in it?

Where do we start? This an all-star cast, with James Franco playing the role of the wizard, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz as the three witches and Zach Braff as, well, a flying monkey.

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Interesting fact for you - Gossip Girl's Blake Lively was apparently offered the role of Glinda the good witch before Michelle Williams, but turned it down to appear in Oliver Stone's Savages.

If it won any Oscars it would be for….

The 3D is great, and will actually make you jump out of your seat in sheer fear (ooh that rhymed) at times. Obviously when you’ve got a cast like this ‘the acting is great’ goes without saying, but seeing Mila Kunis as a screeching, crazy witch lady is definitely a highlight too. 

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mila kunis oz great and powerful

But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor…

It’s always hard with a film of this size to really create three dimensional characters, and we did feel as though the witches in particular fell a bit flat at times. Director Sam Raimi told us at the London press conference that he had to cut a lot of their backstories due to time constraints, and it shows.

Any topless moments?

Unless naked winged baboons count, no.

Actual ‘ohmygod I nearly wet myself laughing’ moments?

Zach Braff’s monkey ('I sneezed away the plan') and Joey King’s China Girl ('I'm not as fragile as I look') provide most of the laughs in the film, but Franco's Oz also has some witty one-liners that sent a chuckle around the cinema.

Oz great and powerful

Face-covering from fear bits?

In a jumpy, 3D spear coming right at your face kind of way, yes. But you won’t be having nightmares any time soon.

Cry-o-meter – what went down?

Not much really – perhaps due to the slightly one dimensional characters we mentioned before. The flick attempts to tug at the ol’ heartstrings with the plight of China Girl, whose family are smashed up by baboons – but we remained dry eyed. Perhaps we’re dead inside.

Notes from the fashion police:

Rachel, Mila and Michelle – or Evanora, Theodora and Glinda as we should call them – are *the* most stylish witches we’ve ever seen. There’s corsets, there’s draping silk, there’s feathers and sequins… Oh, and we particularly loved Mila’s high-waisted trousers and jaunty plum jacket combo that you’ll have seen in the posters.

Key cringes:

Obviously, with this being a Disney film, it's all very 'happy ever after' - but there's one seen at the end about all being 'a family' that made us want to vom in our mouths a little bit. The kids'll love it though.

After watching this, on the manly-man scale of Louis Tomlinson – Sylvester Stallone we felt like...

Zach Braff. Funny, cute - but not exactly butch. (sorry Zach).

Overall verdict:

If you're a massive Wizard of Oz fan, you'll LOVE it - as Director Sam Raimi brings the land of Oz to life brilliantly. If you're not you'll still enjoy it, but it won't be one you'll rave about for years to come. 3.5 stars

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