So what's it all about then?

Katie is on the run and after fleeing the police hot on her tail, she boards a bus going across the country. Stopping off in Sothport, a sleepy seaside town, she decides to stick around and soon falls head over heels for Alex, a smalltown shopkeeper who just so happens to be devastatingly attractive.

But Alex has baggage of his own and is trying to keep his family together following his wife's death from cancer. Although Katie tries to keep her distance, after beng egged on by new pal Jo, she gradually falls for the Alex and his kids, but she can't outrun her past forever and what will they say when they find out her dark secret?

safe haven poster

Anyone good in it?

Erm YEAH. Enter dancer turned actress Julianne Hough and hottie Josh Duhamel, who coincidentally we just learnt was an extra on Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle video back in the day.

If it won any Oscars it would be for... Steamy snogs,

Based on the book written by The Notebook author Nicholas Sparks, there is naturally more action than you can shake a stick at.

Josh and Julianne make a great couple and after all that initial feistiness, they end up doing a LOT of kissing. We loved all the frolicking in the sea, the tonguing in the rain and there's also a particularly steamy moment where they essentially have a dry hump against a tree.

Are we allowed to say that? Well, we already did.

But these bits should be left on the cutting room floor...

It's Nicholas Sparks through and through so expect lots of drama - a lot of which won't always seem particularly believable.

But if you love a romcom you will definitely find yourself getting wrapped up in the scary Mary plot line.

josh duhamel and julianne hough safe haven

Any topless moments?

See above for Josh and his beautious man chest waggling about. Then consider how much greater it'll look on a 15ft tall cinema screen...

Actual 'OHMYGOD I nearly wet myself laughing' moments?

The kids in this film are comedy gold - the little girl is so precocious she will have you chuckling into your popcorn, especially when she does her OTT eyebrow waggles when she's trying to get her dad together with Katie.

Face-covering from fear bits?

The whole of Katie's back story is absolutely terrifying and as the film goes on, the violent flashbacks will have you quaking in your shoes.

We don't want to spoil anything, but there's a massive ending with tons of action involving fire, guns and loads of fighting.

Cry-O-meter - what went down?

Don't go and see this without a couple of tissues ready for emergencies - there's a big twist at the end we guarantee you won't see coming and if you're an easy crier, there probably will be weeping.

Key cringes:

Overall it's quite over the top. There's a lot of schmaltzy stuff with long, woeful looks into the distance, which frankly we don't have time for. Athough the twist at the end will make you go 'Ahhhh', we were pretty conscious that our insides were simultaneously going 'Euuughhhh'.

It's a bit too fairytale and although we like a happy ending, you can't help thinking that with such a chilling undercurrent to the story, it's a bit of a cookie-cutter cop out.

After watching this, on the manly-man scale of Louis Tomlinson - Sylvester Stallone, we felt like...

Louis Tomlinson dipped in honey and rolled in glitter. Probably leave the boyf at home for this one.

josh duhamel safe haven

Overall verdict:

It's a nice, neat little film with a good story that'll keep you guessing and have you gasping like a fish out of water. It is chocolate boxy, but you know what? We bloody love Milk Tray.

THREE stars ***

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