Twilight: Breaking Dawn deleted & extended scenes revealed

With the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 on DVD coming up, deleted and extended scenes from both the first and second installments of the Breaking Dawn films have been revealed, starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

We see Bella Swan tell Edward Cullen how amazing it is to be a human that shags a lot, Jacob Black and Edward have some fistycuffs, and a little bit more gore than we were allowed to see in the cinema.

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twilight breaking dawn deleted scenes

In order of scenes, we have:

  1. Loads of bodies with the Volturi - after they receive their invite to Bella and Edward's wedding, the creepy clan proceed to kill the messenger to add so a growing pile of bodies. BLEUGH.
  2. Edward on the prowl - this doesn't seem much longer than the original scene in the Victorian theatre, but R-Patz looks WELL FIT so it's fine.
  3. Yay for shagging - Bella tells Edward she might be alright with being a human for a while longer actually, because food and sex are both quite good.
  4. SHUT UP ROSALIE - Rose and Jacob have a bit of a hissyfit at each other, and she has a hair-related strop. Jeez.
  5. Wet dog be gone - Alice Cullen and Jacob have a bit of a 'connecting' chat. We can see why it wasn't included.
  6. MAN FIGHTS - Edward shoves Jacob across a room and it's all a bit brilliant.

If you need a li'l refresher on Breaking Dawn part TWO, check out the exclusive clips we have of the movie below; Bella crushing Edward with a hug after she becomes a vampire, and Edward getting a bit angry and righteous about the impending Volutiri attack.

The film's out on DVD from March 11th - will you be buying it?

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