LOL: Taylor Lautner asks Kristen Stewart to shave his back. Sort of.

Now that Twilight is officially finished and Breaking Dawn Part 2 is about to be released on DVD, we've been reliving the good old days.

Like that time in New Moon that Taylor Lautner asked Kristen Stewart to shave his back.

Taylor Lautner asks Kristen Stewart to shave his back - LOL watch bad lip reading

Erm, missed that bit? Yeah us too, but after a careful watch again, you'll be surprised what else you didn't notice the first 36 times you watched it.

Clearly Taylor being topless was more distracting than we'd realised and we had totally forgotten Jake discussing his porpoise meat diarrhea and Bella running over gummy bears with her out of control motorbike skills.

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What's that, this is actually a Bad Lip Reading you say? Whatever, nobody in their right mind is going to pass up Robert Pattinson asking them to do a full body cavity search...

"I'm a sugar baby for rabbits....and walruses."


What do you think?

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