Kristen Stewart to star in new foot fetish film role

Kristen Stewart likes a good 'edgy' movie these days, and her latest role sounds like it fits into that category - because according to her co-star, it's basically about a foot fetish.

Jim Sturgess will star alongisde Kristen in 'The Big Shoe' and this week revealed to MTV that he's all set to fall in love with K-Stew's feet.

foot fetish

The movie tells the tale of shoe designer Nate, played by Jim, whose overbearing mum hires him a therapist (Elizabeth Banks) to get his creative juices a flowin'.  

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Speaking about where Kristen comes in, Jim said: “I now work in, like, a Payless shoe store. I’ve given up on shoes all together.

"So they bring in Kristen Stewart’s character as a muse, and I fall in love with her feet basically. I don’t even look at her from the knee up until [gestures at feet]. I saw some audition tapes, her feet look pretty amazing.”

jim sturgess kristen stewart foot fetish

Just to clarify, Jim hasn't actually met Krizzle yet - but we're sure she'll be glad to hear that he's a fan of her tootsies.

Jimmy boy offered an insight into the Twilight star's recent foot injury at the Oscars too: “She was doing foot training," he said. "Working those muscles!”

This is all a bit weird, isn't it?

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