Ant & Dec perform Let's Get Ready To Rumble as PJ & Duncan on Saturday Night Takeaway - Watch

Last night's Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway was a right ruddy corker, wasn't it? Firstly, we got to see the One Direction boys getting mocked, hit on and generally pranked in potentially the most hilarious thing we think our eyes have ever witnessed. And as if that wasn't enough, it even saw the revivial of ORIGINAL BOYBAND and One Direction's true inspiration to do the whole popstar thing (probably) PJ & Duncan performing their old school 90s hit Let's Get Ready To Rumble.

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Now we all know there's this Big Reunion malarky happening, which basically means everyone's loving vintage pop bands and going on a big old nostalgia trip - and after Five, Atomic Kitten and Blue performed a rather exciting medley on the show, it was time for Ant & Dec to take to their stage. As PJ & Duncan. It was basically like stepping into a pop time machine, complete with shellsuits and dodgy dancing.

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Check out the boys' performance below.

And it seems the world is still crying out for another PJ & Dunc alb (maybe), 'cause Let's Get Ready To Rumble's soared back into the iTunes top 10. Oof, watch out 1D - the original popsters are on your back again.

What do you reckon? Will you be buying the song and doing a funny little dance on the bus in the morning? Comments please.

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