When famous types agree to appear on Celebrity Juice, they know they're in for some merciless mick taking at the hands of host Keith Lemon - but we're not sure Nick Grimshaw was quite expecting the ribbing he got over his friendship with One Direction's Harry Styles.

Grimmy appeared on last night's episode of the panel show alongside team captains Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook as well as fellow panelists Millie Mackintosh, Gok Wan and comedian Joe Lycett - and the show had barely begun before Keith was quizzing Nick about the curly haired lovebot.

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"We've got three famous people with famous boyfriends tonight," said Keith. "Millie, you're with Professor Green, Kelly, you're with Danny Cappaccino - and Grimmy you're going out with Harry Styles,"

Cue much hilarity from the audience, and a slightly embarrassed looking Grimmy proclaiming: "No! we're not going out!" 

nick grimshaw harry styles

Unfortunately for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show host, that wasn't quite the end of things, as he faced a barrage of questions including: "Have you seen his knob?" from Joe and "Have you had a drunken snog? YES YOU HAVE!" from Kelly Brook.

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GAHD we didn't know whether to roll around laughing or cringe behind our sofa cushion - so lord only knows how Grimmers felt. Watch the video below from 04.45 to see for yourselves. What do you make of it all?

If that wasn't enough, he was put under the MASK OF SORROW and ribbed about ol' Hazlan even more, look:

Nick Grimshaw tells Harry Styles he loves him (via Keith Lemon) on Celebrity Juice - watch

"Caroline Flack loves Harry Styles' penis"

Perrie Edwards invites Harry Styles to watch her "vigorous love" with Zayn

What do you think?