Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's lives have panned out quite differently since they split last year, haven't they? Selena's been busy promoting Spring Breakers, preparing to release her new single Come & Get It and talking about making Justin cry on David Letterman. Meanwhile, El Biebo's been getting up to all sorts of mischief sneaking monkeys onto planes and tattooing people illegally and stuff. And the drama doesn't end there, 'cause now Selena's apparently FUMING that she might be included in scenes of JB's upcoming 3D movie.

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Yup, according to reports Sel features in the documentary follow-up to Never Say Never, and she ain't too happy about it.

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A sneaky source has been chatting to Hollywoodlife about the whole sitch, and apparently Selena "texted Justin, flipping out" when she heard she was gonna make an appearance, adding that she "just wants to move on" and has "made it clear that she does not want to be in the movie, DVD extras or anything at all." OOF. She doesn't mess about, does she?

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We're kinda gutted, to be honest. Like...ideally they'd include the scenes where Selena made El Biebo cry. It'd be like that bit in the Katy Perry flick where she splits from Russell and it's all well dramatic and stuff. But whatever happens it's probably gonna be quite different from his first film, innit? While that was about a cute kid with nothing but floppy hair and a dream, this one could have anything. Gas masks, scuffles with paps, late concert dramz - WHO KNOWS?

What do you reckon? Kinda hoping for a sneaky Selena scene? Comments, please and a-thank you.

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