Simon Cowell defends Britain's Got Talent auditonee Alice Fredenham over 'fake' claims

Uncle Si to the rescue

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Simon Cowell has stepped in to defend Britain's Got Talent contestant Alice Fredenham today, after she was accused of being 'fake' by Twitter users who watched her audition on The Voice this weekend.

You'll remember that Alice was seen absolutely bricking it when auditioning for BGT judges Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David, even bursting into tears after recieving amazingly postitve comments from the panel.

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At the time, everyone just said 'Awww, poor lass' and other such things - but public reaction changed when Alice was shown trying out for rival show The Voice on Saturday (flimed before her BGT audition) looking super confident and with not a tear in sight.

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One tweeter wrote: "'Alice Fredenham was a completely different person on 'The Voice' to what she was on 'BGT'," while another said: "Alice Fredenham is clearly faked BGT terror, no sign of nerves on The Voice. #sympathyvote".

However, Uncle Si has LEAPT to her defence, claiming that the fact she didn't get through on the BBC 1 show (not a single coach turned around) knocked her confidence when it came to having a go at BGT instead.

''Alice fredenham on the voice tonight. Confident and hopeful. Nobody turned round," he wrote. ''Alice on bgt. She simply lost her confidence after that reaction and she did sound better on bgt.

''But to call her a fake is unfair. I was there. She was terrified. And now I understand why. (sic)''

In contrast to Simon labelling Alice's voice 'liquid gold' (we think he meant in terms of sound, not in terms of how much she could potentially earn him) Danny O'Donoghue told her that her Voice performance was ' a bit safe' while Jessie J said she sounded like a club singer.

''It just felt like I was in a jazz bar or a restaurant and someone was playing and you were singing," she explained. What do you think - do you agree with Simon? Watch this video of Alice chatting about her audition below while you compose an answer.

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