Emma Watson steals from Paris Hilton in brand new The Bling Ring trailer - watch

Emma Watson has traded her wand for a spliff and Hogwarts for Hollywood in new movie The Bling Ring - a new trailer for which has been released today.

Emma stars as Nikki in the Sofia Coppola directed film, which tells the TRUE story of a teen gang who broke in to the homes of various celebs to steal clothes, shoes and jewellery. Eventually they were caught and arrested, but not before they'd skedaddled with a whole load of swag worth millions of dollars.

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emma watson the bling ting

Featuring previously unseen footage, the trailer concentrates on the robbery of Paris Hilton's home, with Nikki and co. seen raiding her wardrobe, trying on her shoes and screaming with delight at the sight of cushions emblazoned with her own face.

There's also a glimpse at the gang post-arrest, with Emma's character telling gathered press that "this situatuation was a huge learning lesson for me, to grow and expand as a spiritual human being."

emma watson the bling ring

Makes you realise what Em meant when she said she 'relished the challenge' of playing a character that she disliked so much.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think - reckon you'll be heading to the cinema to watch this one when it's released on July 5th in the UK?

Emma Watson waves a gun about and gets arrested in new Bling Ring pics

Emma Watson covers GQ as Bling Ring character Nikki

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