Rita Ora in Fast and Furious 6 - clip

Rita Ora's making her Hollywood film debut in Fast & Furious 6, being the official, um, Race Starter(?) for what's set to be a very important race in the storyline.

It looks like she's playing herself, as she rocks up to the starting line with her signature red lips and a PVC bra-thing with a camo jacket - so far, not too out of character for her.

rita ora fast and furious six

Vin Diesel told BANG Showbiz at the film's premiere last night that he thought Rita was the perfect choice for the role.

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''We wanted somebody who represented today's London and have that presence to kick off a race of that style," he said.


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"She was just perfect and she was game to do it. We were lucky to get her and we were lucky that she came in and kicked butt.''

The film hits the cinemas on May 17th - will you be joining the queue for popcorn when it does?

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