Skins is back with some familiar faces for season 7 trailer - WATCH

Gosh, it feels like a while since we've seen Kaya Scodelario, Hannah Murray and Jack O'Connells' fresh faces, doesn't it? Better known as Effy, Cassie and Cook, the three haven't appeared in Skins for around three years (which sounds more like 20 in our fickle minds), but they'e back for season 7 - and it looks like a *lot* has changed. 

Skins season 7

The new season, titled 'Skins Redux', follows three individual stories focusing on the lives of Effy, Cass and Cook. And considering the writers have had a year to concoct some serious drama with separate plots called Fire, Pure and Rise, we think we're in for a bit of a wild ride for Skins 7.

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Bringing back some old fan favourites, we're buzzing to see how exactly these lot have gotten on since we last saw them. Last thing we remember, Cook was in a fight to the death with his best mate's killer, so we're hoping things have picked up a bit since then. Although, watching the trailer, we're not really sure that's the case.

In true Skins fashion, the minute long clip is pretty artsy and doesn't give us too much info on what's to come but what we've concluded is that Effy's turned her life around and is working at some kind of stressful office job, Cook is still a bit off-the-rails and Cassie is still being, well, very Cassie-esque. 

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What do you make of this then? Quite dramatic, eh? Are you excited to catch up with some of your old Skins' favourites? Who else would you have liked to see make a re-appearence on the show?

Skins 7 is due to kick off in July on E4.

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