Sandra Bullock is back from hairspraying her knickers and punching people in the groin as Gracey Lou Freebush (or a more recent Sandra Bullock reference), and Melissa McCarthy from the super funny Bridesmaids is joining her, to star in brand new comedy flick The Heat.

Sanda is heading back to her Miss Congeniality roots to start as a no-nonsense FBI lady again, this time joined by Melissa, as the two of them are forced to team up to take down a notorious drug lord. INTENSE.

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The Heat

You know anything with these two in it is probably going to make us wee a bit with laughter.

Obviously what unfolds isn’t exactly a straight forward police operation, and seeing as the two ladies don't exactly get along famously, all sorts of hilarious japery and shenanigans ensue. And we reckon by the end they'll probably be bestest buddies.

Check out the BRAND NEW clip below and get excited for The Heat:


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