Brand new Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters poster with Logan Lerman looking like a god

As if Logan Lerman and his adorable face weren't already godly enough, he's gone and essentially topped everything by looking fairly edible in the brand new poster for long-awaited Percy Jackson sequel, Sea of Monsters. Due to hit cinemas in August, we feel like we've been waiting for this one our entire lives, but it's been worth learning a lesson or two about patience as the film looks set to be even bigger and better than the first offering.

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This time Percy and his part-god pals are on a casual quest to save the world, setting out on a quest to find the golden fleece. Unfortunately it's not as simple as heading down to Primark in search of a golden onesie though, and they'll have to battle some pretty evil looking sea monsters if they want to set the world to right.

But don't worry about that too much just yet as in the mean time, there's a brand new poster that happens to show off Logan looking like an absolute dream. He's so fit that there's even a golden glow that appears to be emanating from his actual bottom area. Probs the crotch now you mention it.

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New Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters poster with Logan Lerman

Oh that's right Logan, you just wave your sword about willy nilly. But don't blame us when things go wrong - if we've told you about adequate protection once, we've told you a million times.

Anyway, what do you make of all this? Excited to see the new flick?

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