Logan Lerman whips out his sword in new Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer and stills: Pics and video

We've been waiting bloody ages for our next installment of Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. And in just over a month - three years after The Lightning Thief hit cinemas - he's finally gonna be back on their big screen warding off loads of monsters and stuff.

And it seems our patience has paid off, 'cause the official poster for the next movie in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson's book-to-film series is officially OUT THERE. And it looks a little bit like this.

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Percy jackson 2

Very nice. And the excitement doesn't end there - no siree. We've also got loads of stills from the flick to tide us over until August. Get yer pervin' pants on, peeps - Percy's got a massive sword and he ain't afraid to use it.

Percy Jackson

Not enough boat-related action for you? NEVER FEAR, FOLKS...

Percy Jackson

But we know what you *really* want. More DIRRTY action. Well oh hey...

Percy Jackson

And how would you feel about all of the above in actual moving trailer form? You'd probably be quite happy wouldn't you? Well click the little play button in the funny box thing below and thank us later.

You can thank us now.

What d'ya think, then? Excited for the film? Ready to fangirl over Logan for about two hours? Comments please.

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