Hailee Steinfeld: "I helped cast Douglas Booth in Romeo & Juliet"

We all knew Douglas Booth was the next pengtastic dreamboat on the scene, but now it appears Hailee Steinfeld agrees.

In an interview with Company magazine, the cute California lass admits her part in bringing our very own gorgeous Greenwich guy on board for new film “Romeo and Juliet” - and heats up the rumours of more than just on-screen romance.

hailee stenfield douglas booth

When talking about the new film - which also stars dreamboat number two Ed Westwick as lead baddie Tybalt in the remake of Billy Shakes classic - she gushes: "I was a part of the casting process. This was only my second film after True Grit and I remember then that Jeff Bridges said they were anxious about who they were going to cast as the girl – and I never really understood why, until I went through the test process with Romeo and Juliet.

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“You have so many talented people, but it's all about finding the chemistry. As well as the chemistry between us, he was passionate about the project and took it seriously."

romeo and juliet

Yeah, sure. Chemistry. We get you Hayles. That’s certainly a more granny-friendly way of explaining to us how determined you were to make sure it was HIS dreamy eyes you could get lost in. All in the name of art.... we understand.

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We can't really blame Hailee though - buff Booth certainly gets us flustered over here at Sugarscape command centre. The smouldering, dark, eyes, the perfectly sculpted jaw line with those immaculate kissable lips…  sorry where were we?

One thing we do know is that competition for the young beau will be hotting up once ‘Romeo and Juliet’ hits cinemas early next year. But fear not, for if you need a dose of the lovely London lad before then, rest assured he will be featuring on these very pages quicker than you can say ‘Douglas, Douglas, wherefore art thou Douglas?’

What do you reckon to Hailee's admission that she wanted Douglas for the part?

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