New Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson to replace cousin Sophie on the MTV show - pics

In all the confusion about Geordie Shore's future, with Sophie supposedly getting the sack for making a racist comment, then Keeking that she wasn't being axed before promptly deleting it - we decided to just sit back and wait for the official word of what the heck will be going on for Season 7. YES, 7.

Well, it looks like our patience has paid off because MTV have announced that a brand new Newcastle lady will be joining the house - and it turns out she's got a close link to the cast already.

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Marnie Simpson

Yep, Marnie Simpson (who has a name that makes us dream of a Grease character who's been drawn into an episode of The Simpsons) is joining Charlotte, Gary, Scott, Vicky, James and Holly and just so happens to be Sophie's cousin. Which is all well and good until you realise that she's replacing the poor lass.

Chatting about joining possibly the scariest clique of all time, Marnie revealed to MTV: “I have followed the Geordie Shore antics since the very beginning - I’m a massive fan, so it’s pretty surreal to be joining the gang for a new series."

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But of course, it wouldn't be a G-Shore interview without some fighting talk. She added: “I think the girls will find it hard not to like me, but I know they will think I’m prettier than them. I don’t give in to guys easily, so the boys will have a chase on their hands - I know Gaz will try it on for sure.”

Well, that certainly seems like the quickest and best way to make friends with your new gang. GAH, did she learn nothing from Rebecca?

Geordie Shore new cast

Anyway, now that we know Sophie's out and her probably not-so-favourite cousin is in, we should focus on the new cast picture that always makes us feel loads better about being single. We won't beat around the bush - LOOK AT SCOTT. LOOK AT HIS HIGHLIGHTS AND HIS FLOWERY T-SHIRT.

Oh, those Geordies. Season 7 kicks off on MTV on September 17th.

What do you make of this new line up then? Excited to see how her entrance goes down? Think Gaz and Scott will try it on with her? Comments please...

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Images: MTV

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