One Direction talk This Is Us: 'Niall's naked a few times' - Watch

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Never has the phrase 'winner winner, chicken dinner' been more appropriate. In fact in this case it's more of a 'winner winner, lemon and herb chicken wrap with Peri-Peri fries'. When we toddled along to One Direction's big This Is Us movie press conference avec director Morgan Spurlock earlier today we obviously had loads of questions about the flick - how do the boys feel about the cinematography? How exactly does it compare to other such genre-defying works? HOW NAKED DO THEY GET AND HOW OFTEN?

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So...yeah. We kept the tone typically serious and high brow, asking how the lads think the film meets Sugarscapers' expectations, what the best bit is and - most importantly of all - are they loads of stripping off-based scenes?

One Direction This Is Us

While Hazlan reckons 'the fim as a whole' is probably worth a watch, Morgan loved going back to the boys' hometowns and having a snoot round their bedrooms (luckiest guy alive?). So...if there are bedroom scenes there's *gotta* be some naked and/or at least topless action, right?

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RIGHT. Liam even says Nialler gets naked 'a few times'. Say whaaat? The Single Pringle letting it all hang out? HOLD US. Check out the lads talking about the movie in the rather shaky but still really quite good video below.


Hooray. Nice of Niall to fangirl over us a bit, too.

What d'ya think? Excited to see the flick? Comments please.

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