YouTubers Zoella, Caspar Lee, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler and more announced for the DigiTour 2013

When we're not perving over various fellas of the fit variety, reenacting the Best Song Ever music video for the 5,328th time or polishing off a pack of chocolate Hobnobs in three minutes flat, we spend a lot of our time here at Sugarscape HQ watching our fave YouTubers. So much so, in fact, that we're doing our very own YouTube Awards thingamajig round about here to celebrate the very best bloggers who sit in front of cameras and talk a bit. Hooray.

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But have you ever wanted to see your fave YouTube star in actual real life as opposed to a little rectangle on a screen? OF COURSE YOU RUDDY HAVE. And if you're in the US you're in luck, 'cause the likes of Zoella, Alfie off of PointlessBlog, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler are going on an actual mini tour across the States.

Zalfie Marcus Butler DigiTour

Image: Twitter

Fresh from the excitement of VidCon last month, loads of our faves (minus Dan and Phil, Tyler Oakley and the Finn brothers *sadface*) have been announced for a mini tour of America. Basically it's the chance to see Zoella, Caspar, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Marcus and Alfie in the flesh and being very much amazing. Gah.


And if you aren't already excited, check out this vid designed to drum up a bit of hype around the whole thing then get back to us, yeah?


What d'ya think? Comments please.

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