Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez added to VMA 2013 presenters list

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Honestly, when it comes to an awards 'do we feel like it's Christmas, our birthday or pretty much every weekend all rolled into one - *that's* how good those bloody things are. But despite us still not having recovered from the Teen Choice Awards what with being introduced to Harry Styles twerking and watching Zerrie getting all cosy pre-engagement - now it's time for the next big thing.

Yep, the VMAs are right around the corner - on the 25th to be exact - and not only is there a bunch of fancy moonmen to give away as a nice prize there's also some celebs there too if that's your kinda thing.

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Taylor Swift

It looks like MTV has been particularly busy this year too, because they've secured some right corkers for the occasion - which, considering it's part of Beyonce announcing her pregnancy while Lady Gaga looks on dressed as a man fame, we're not too surprised about.

In their newest batch of announcements, it's now been confirmed that Taylor Swift and her BFF Selena Gomez will both be presenting gongs, which is amazing and incredible and we hope the Swizzlestick gets her stage invasion on during Kanye West's performance.

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While Taylor was notably absent from the TCAs and avoided the awkwardness of sitting between her pal Ed Sheeran and ex fling (that's right, we're saying fling) Harry Styles, the VMAs might just bring back the hope of a lovely on-camera reunion that the whole world can see.

We're already picturing the close up of Hazza's forced neutral face while TayTay's presenting à la the Brits as we speak.

Selena Gomez

Although Justin Bieber isn't confirmed for an appearance at the show, we seriously hope he turns up with his swag on, because the one thing that could manage to top Taylor's disgust for Selena and el Biebo's PDA at the Billboard Awards would be him shining a torch in Tay's face (the signal that he fancies a girl, duh) and then scream 'psyche, just kidding' while he skips into the night and Tay falls onto the cold hard ground in embarrassment.

WELL, that seemed to include every celebrity reference in the entire world, didn't it? What do you think of Selena and Taylor presenting? Glad you'll get to see them in some amazing dresses? Comments please...

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