One Direction on 'A League of Their Own' trailer released - watch

It's never been much of a secret that us here at Sugarscape have some difficulty telling the difference between the offside rule and pretty much any other thing to do with sports - we literally couldn't come up with one other sporting term there, *that's* how bad our knowledge is.

But one way to get us MUCH more interested in competitive ball handling is by getting some of the One Direction lads in to sit on the panel of telly show A League of Their Own, hosted by their pal James Corden, especially since it involves Niall's bare arse and general boy banter.

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One Direction League of Their Own 

Yep, Harry, Louis and Niall are appearing on an episode of the show, airing 30th August, and they won't just be showing off their impressive sporting knowledge (snooze) because they'll be getting up to some classic shenanigans too (yay). 

In a trailer that's been released for the upcoming season, we see James in the process of tattooing his face onto Nialler's squidgy little bum - we've hit the jackpot with this really - Louis playing some footie while donning a fit denim jacket and still-perfect quiff and Harry's also in some sort of red get-up in which he looks a little nervous about being in. 

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Sounds pretty fabulous, no? Take a look at the clip and see what you think... 

We're not too sure where Zayn and Liam were for all this - we assume the Bradford Bad Boi was a bit put off by the random swimming pool and Liam was probably jumping off buildings somewhere trying to secure his new Mr. Payngerous title.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in when the 1D episode of A League of Their Own airs August 30th? Let us know...

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