Emma Roberts and James Franco star in Palo Alto trailer - watch

If there's one the Sugarscape office loves more than a cheesy romcom and a gallon of snacks on a Friday night, it might just be an indie film with an incredible soundtrack - still with the snacks though, of course. Well, it seems we might be in luck for another one to hit our screens pretty soon if Palo Alto is as good as trailer makes out. A-woo.

Yep, Emma Roberts - our favourite hipster flick gal - and James Franco have teamed up for this new film which was inspired by the short stories of el Franco and is about two high school kids pretty much just having to deal with being a teenager. ANGSTY.

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Emma Roberts and James Franco star in Palto Alto trailer - Emma Roberts images - sugarscape.com 

Palo Alto, which is the name of the city in California this movie's based on just FYI, looks a lot like the regular coming of age film at first glance but is actually a dark vision of what teens have become thanks to the wonders of too much Internet, reality TV and purple Skittles. Well, not that last one but the other stuff.

While Emma plays one of the main high school characters who's a part of the football team, James acts as her coach who starts up a super inappropriate relationship with her. But this is where the story seems a bit far fetched to us, because when's the last time you had a P.E teacher who looked like James bloody Franco. NEVER, that's when.

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The film also focuses on Jack Kilmer (of being Van Kilmer son's fame) who is a bit of a delinquent and spends most of his time driving up motorways the wrong way and playing with chainsaws with his mate. Actually, the chainsaw bit at the end seems ridiculously creepy.

It's like you can already hear the hipsters' ironic flip flops running to the cinemas already. But what do you make of this? Does Palo Alto look like the type of movie you'd like or what? Let us know...

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