Justin Bieber's second movie 'Believe' will be even better than 'Never Say Never', according to Scooter Braun

It was announced back at the start of this year that a giant 3D Justin Bieber would be hitting the big screen again (HURRAH) very soon, looking so real through those geeky cinema specs, that it’s almost cruel that we can’t jump up and snog him.

After Biebo’s team have spent the last six months collecting footage for the second movie, Scooter Braun has announced that this one, Believe, will be even better than the last, Never Say Never. EVEN BETTER? We thought that was about as physically possible as only eating one Hobnob.

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Justin Bieber

Scooter teased a snap on his Instagram page of a screenshot of the new Believe movie, which he managed to swindle a copy of to watch at home with his feet up and a cuppa in hand. Along with the pic, he wrote "Holy s**t! It is better than Never Say Never!!! Wow @jonmchu @justinbieber . Had me crying and…"

And... what, Scooter Braun? Crying and FLAILING? Crying and wondering WHY Justin will never be your special guy? Crying and copying Justin’s dance moves in an emotional tribute? Talk about a cliffhanger.

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On closer inspection, the fully expanded tweet reads “crying and laughing. Impressive! #BelieveMovie #Christmas”, so we’re hoping this means Biebo will be dressed up as a cute little Rudolph.

Fluffy reindeer costume or no fluffy reindeer costume, there'll definitely be a lot less sweepy fringe involved. Sob.

Justin Bieber

Director of the sparkly new film, Jon M Chu, also mentioned the movie on Twitter, revealing that he was hard at work making sure it was all finished in time for Crimbo as he tweeted “Saturday night in the edit room... This is why I’m single. Thanks @JustinBieber and @ScooterBraun :) #Believeinnosleep”

Oh heck, it sounds like a ruddy Christmas miracle. Now all we need is to come home from the cinema with a belly full of mince pies, to find a naked Justin  posing seductively under our tree. We promise we’ve been good this year.

Are you excited for the second Justin Bieber 3D movie?

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