We imagine that Simon Cowell - creator of One Direction and all round music mogul - has had a fair few good nights out in his time. From sailing around the world on luxury yachts to rolling around naked in dollar bills with Sinitta (probably) he's lived a snazzy lifestyle thus far.

However, if you were to ask Uncle Si for his top ten all time best nights of all time a la Edward Cullen in Twilight: Eclipse (only the true Twihards will get that one, sorry) then it's safe to say One Direction's London premiere for This Is Us would be up there.

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How do we know this? Not just because he was grinning like a bloody cheshire cat on helium the entire time (we were there, we saw him) but because well, he's said so.

Talking to TIME magazine about his ambitions when he was but a wee lad in waist high shorts, Simon revealed: "A lot of my family friends were TV producers or film producers, and I kind of wanted to be a film producer more than anything else.

"Then I found myself in television and music, and now I did actually get to make my first movie this year - and that was always a lifelong ambition - which was the One Direction movie.

"I think the night I turned up at the premiere in London, it really was one of my favorite nights I’ve ever had."

It was one of our best nights too Si, but probably for slightly different reasons to yours. In fact, the moment Niall Horan let us smell his hair was probably the highlight of our life. (see video below).


Simon also admitted that he's got the film making buzz, and is keen to dabble further in the world of movies.

"Now I’ve had my first taste of making a film, we’ll definitely make more films going forward," he said. "Then I’m working on a big show for next year, which if we pull it off will be the biggest thing we’ve done - but it’s going to take a lot of prep to make it happen."

OOH SI-COW YOU TEASE. What do you lot make of all this?

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