One Direction confirm This Is Us DVD release. Here's 5 things we'd like to see in the extras

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If you’re getting a bit fed up of heading to your local cinema every other day to watch This Is Us again (we’re now on first name terms with the popcorn bloke), you’ll be chuffed as a crazy mofo to hear that the One Direction boys have announced that the DVD is coming very soon.

The DVD will be hitting shelves just in time for Crimbo, so we’re pretty sure that every Christmas tree in the land will have at least four wrapped up underneath, one for you, your mum, your nan, and her mate Enid.

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The actual date is yet to be confirmed, although you can pre-order it if you’re worried that it’ll sell out quicker than you can leg it to the shops. ANYWAY, we’ve been thinking what we’d like to see on the DVD extras, and here’s what our warped brains came up with.

1. One Direction do Twilight
Okay, so we all enjoyed the scenes of Louis relaxing in the Swedish forest in a low cut vest, but let’s be honest, he was lacking body glitter to make him sparkle in the sun. The first DVD extra we propose is a 1D remake of Twilight, just to mix up genres and expand their film careers. Possibly with Veronica Malik as Bella?

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This is Us

2. Niall’s guide to being fabulous
Seeing as we've spent so many hours sat on our arse watching This Is Us at the cinema, we need some exercise. How about a step by step instructional video, lead by Niall Horan and assisted by Leeroy, full of tips and tricks of how to reach your most fabulous potential. A bit like a work-out DVD, but a lot more sassy, including the full un-cut version of this:

Niall Horan

3. Naked wrestling
There was a reasonable amount of skin on show through This Is Us, but let’s be honest, a little more would not hurt in the slightest. We’re hoping for the full version of this scene, which actually ended up in the lads fuelled by testosterone, all stripping off with rage, falling head first into a bath full of jelly, and wrestling naked until sunrise. Seriously, that did happen.

One Direction

4. Narry uncut
Our shipping hearts contorted like a balloon poodle when Harry serenaded Niall in one scene, but we propose that the DVD extras includes the rest of this scene, which ACTUALLY* saw the lads dive in for a passionate snog afterwards. Anyone else? Just us? Okay.

*By actually, we mean probably, and by probably, we mean in our pervy brains.

Harry and Niall

5. A PROPER musical number
Yeah so obvs we enjoyed the tour footage, but seeing Harry walking and clicking away was truly inspired. We couldn’t help but imagine a West End version of This Is Us... A proper musical number telling the tale of the One Direction journey, with Zayn punching the air like Zefron in Bet On It, Liam Payne doing a pirouette in the background, and Harry doing a flawless box step.

Harry Styles

What would you like to see in the DVD extras for This Is Us? Comment below to let us know, the weirder the better.

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